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Lime for Lawn Care

Using lime for lawn care is certainly nothing new.  Lime has been used for hundreds of years in the farming industry.  Lime for lawn care purposes has been an integral part of turfgrass horticulture since its inception and is still heavily relied upon today because of its soil conditioning qualities.  Because we know the value of lime for lawn care, Lawn-A-Mat includes lime in our Greenskeeper program at no additional cost!  This is just one more reason that we are the best value in the industry.


lime for lawn care in Warwick, NY
Always check the soil pH


Lime for Lawn Care

Many soils suffer from low soil pH.  Healthy turfgrass requires a a pH between 6.3 and 6.8 which is slightly on the acidic side.  Nutrients are more easily metabolized right around neutral or slightly below.  A plant that can eat well can grow and prosper while a plant that does not get adequate nutrition will suffer.  To raise soil pH an amendment such as limestone is necessary.  Limestone generally is available in two forms, powder and granular.  Powdery limestone is Calcitic and granular is Dolomitic.  The choice you make is determined by adjustment soil test, application equipment and levels of micro nutrients such as magnesium.  It takes a lot of each material to make changes in soil pH so be prepared to haul many bags it you have a big lawn.  Fortunately limestone in either form is rather affordable and readily available.  Also be aware that changes in soil pH can take a long time, sometimes years.


New, Faster Acting Lime for Lawn Care

There are, however, some newer limestone products that work quicker.  These speed up the conditioning of the soil and adjust the pH faster than traditional lime for lawn care products.  You can trust Lawn-A-Mat to use the best materials available to care for your lawn.


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Healthy Yard-Healthy Yard Work

Working around our yards has become one of America’s favorite pastimes and we all want a healthy yard to work in.  We seem to have a love-hate relationship with our properties in that we love spending time in our well cared for yards but don’t always feel positive about having to maintain them.  Creating an environment that is a pleasure to maintain is just within your reach when you take into consideration some of the following suggestions inspired by insights gained by over 40+ years of working on tens of thousands of lawns.


A healthy yard in Warwick, NY
A healthy yard!


Have you looked into our OrganaLawn option yet?  If you want to reduce pesticides by as much as 50%, you should! 

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Turf Grass Dormancy


Mother Nature has given turf grass the ability to go dormant during times of great stress to protect itself from damage.  Here in the Bergen and Orange County area, the two most common times of stress are during the hot, humid Summer and the freezing Winter.  Lawn-A-Mat‘s greenskeeper program contains all the materials your lawn needs to be its’ healthiest and recover successfully from turf grass dormancy.


Have you looked into our OrganaLawn option yet?  If you want to reduce pesticides by as much as 50%, you should! 


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A healthy yard in Warwick, NY

Does Organic Lawn Care Work?

Lawn-A-Mat knows that lawn care is a very large industry.  After all, we were the first automated lawn care company in America and we have spawned hundreds of others over our 50 + year history.  Please read the history of Lawn-A-Mat.  Most of these have been traditional synthetic applicators.  Due to the high demand for organic alternatives, however, some spin off companies have tried to go that route too.  Organic lawn care has evolved into its’ own significant segment of the green industry with some success, mixed reviews and confusing results.  Although it has potential, it has largely failed to deliver on the true organic lawn care approach with the results that consumers have demanded.  Below is a truthful analysis of where organic lawn care stands in the green industry market today and a truthful, albeit subjective, synopsis of what results can be expected from this approach.

 – Updated in February 2015 to include our new OrganaLawn organic-hybrid lawn care option for our Greenskeeper program.

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A green lawn in Oakland NJ lawn care

Lawn Care Consistency

One of the most common questions we receive involves how many services are needed to properly care for a lawn.  While the answer to this depends greatly upon the individual lawn in question, there are some basic agronomic principles about turf grass, lawn care and lawn care materials that can be generally applied across a broad spectrum of homeowner lawns.

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Lawn-A-Mat for a beautiful lawn in Bergen and Orange counties

Lawn Renovations and Renewal


Our culture cares deeply about home lawns.  Homeowners spend a lot of time and money either caring themselves or hiring a company to care for their lawns.  A well maintained, healthy, green, non weedy lawn is much sought after.  Most of the time lush, green turf grass is not hard to achieve for us, the professionals.  Our Greenskeeper lawn care program is specifically designed to provide all the materials your lawn needs to be the envy of the neighborhood.  And by following our Important Lawn Care Guidelines, you will be doing all you can as well.

But, what happens when all we do just does not give us the results we want?  Often, poor results are due to inadequate environmental conditions for turf grass development like, rocky soil, shade, compaction, thatch buildup, poor drainage or too much traffic.  These may be adjustable and you can trust Lawn-A-Mat to advise you along the way.  There are just those times when lawn renovations are needed.

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