Lawn-A-Mat’sGreenskeeper Lawn Care Program is designed to meet the specific needs of your lawn

This program consists of 6 visits throughout the growing season to promote a lush, green lawn you can be proud of and will be the envy of the neighborhood.  We can also customize your program to meet the individual needs of your lawn.  With over 50 years of experience, there simply is not a lawn that we cannot help either with our program or with our landscape industry partners.


Our program already contains materials that most other companies charge extra for, such as grub control, chinch bug control and lime. Our comprehensive program delivered with our personal touch is a combination you can count on. By comparing total annual costs, we know that you will find Lawn-A-Mat to be the best value in the industry.

Lawn Before service
Before biginning service
Lawn After just 1 treatment!
After just 1 Season!

Application #1 – Spring

  • Fertilizer: Granular fertilizer to stimulate lush, green growth
  • Crabgrass Control: Pre-emergent crabgrass control to minimize invasive, grassy weed germination
  • Weed Control: Broadleaf weed control to eliminate early-season weeds

Application #2 – Late Spring

  • Fertilizer: Granular fertilizer to improve color and density
  • Crabgrass Control: Additional pre-emergent for season-long control
  • Weed Control: Dandelion, clover and broadleaf weed control for stubborn weeds that have emerged since the last application
  • OPTIONAL tick and flea reduction
  • OPTIONAL Moisture Manager

Application #3 – Summer

  • Fertilizer: Granular fertilizer specially formulated for summer stresses
  • Weed Control: Clover, broadleaf and crabgrass control for weeds that have emerged since the last application
  • Grub and Chinch Bug Control : Insect control for season-long protection against damaging lawn pests
  • OPTIONAL tick and flea reduction

Application #4 – Late Summer

  • Fertilizer: Granular fertilizer to maintain color and vigor
  • Weed Control: Clover, broadleaf and crabgrass control for weeds that have emerged since the last application
  • OPTIONAL tick and flea reduction

Application #5 – Fall

  • Fertilizer: Granular fertilizer for improved density and root development
  • Weed Control: Weed control for weeds that have emerged since the last application
  • OPTIONAL spike seeding @ 2 lbs. per 1,000 square feet

Application #6 – Late Fall

  • Winterizer: Granular winterizing limestone, specially made to enhance root growth and food storage, which is crucial for winter survival and Spring greening
  • OPTIONAL core aeration

Optional Services at do it yourself prices!

aeration in Warwick, NY

Spike Seeding

All lawns can benefit from occasional repairs from time to time, and Spike Seeding is a great way to do it.  With this service, we’ll use a spike aerator to perforate the soil with holes about ¼ inch wide and 1 inch long across your whole lawn.  This will let moisture, nutrients and oxygen reach your turf’s roots more easily.  Next, we’ll spread seed evenly over your lawn. The holes left behind by aeration will catch the seeds and provide better seed-to-soil contact, resulting in improved germination rates and more successful growth of new grass plants.

Core Aeration

Most lawns would benefit from core aeration every few years.  Core aeration reduces soil compaction and provides the roots with easier access to nutrients, air and water, allowing them to spread horizontally.  The result is an overall healthier, better looking lawn you can be proud of.  Core aeration is best performed in the very early Spring or later in the Fall.

Tick & Flea Reduction

Fleas in the lawn can easily move inside on pets or humans.  Ticks are also problematic since they can carry Lyme’s Disease or even Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  Lawn-A-Mat can help protect your family by reducing these harmful pests with treatments in the late Spring and late Summer.  This service can be performed any time the need arises!

Moisture Manager

With our new Moisture manager, you really can have your cake and eat it too.  Moisture Manager is a professional root zone moisture management material that captures the available liquid once watered in or rained on and then slowly makes that liquid available to your lawn’s root system as it is needed for up to 90 days.  It can help keep your lawn green longer during a drought and can reduce your irrigation needs dramatically!