After more than five decades in the local lawn care industry, we have come across almost every type of lawn damage that a lawn can suffer.  Often, however, the cause is a bit of a mystery when it is first noticed.  Ironically, one of the most interesting parts of my career has been trying to uncover the reasons for such damage.  A lot of detective work is sometimes needed, and once found, convincing the homeowner to accept the causal factors of the damage can be very challenging.  Rarely, though, have I not uncovered the reasons behind the damage.  You can trust Lawn-A-Mat for the lawn care materials and services that your lawn needs to be green and beautiful this year.

Included here is an ever evolving pictorial of various lawn damage found throughout the year.  As causality is usually compounded by many factors, only the most direct causes will be listed.  The good news is that as much as 90% of lawn damage can be avoided by maintaining good cultural practices.  We have prepared a list of Important Lawn Care Guidelines.

If you find damage to your lawn and would like to know the reason, please forward a picture of it to me at [email protected] or call 866-950-5296 any time.

Natures wrath:

As we try to work with nature, it has a way of throwing us curve balls.  Some conditions are avoidable with good cultural practices, others are not.


Animal activity:

We rarely expect damage from animals before it happens.  We almost never actually see the damage taking place.


Human activity:

Whether it is human activity or human stupidity, we do the most unintended damage.


Another Year…More Lawn Damage


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