When you choose Lawn-A-Mat, you choose the best.  Though we may be a little biased, over 50 years of  experience servicing America’s lawns from coast to coast has proven that our approach truly works.  Founded in 1961, Lawn-A-Mat was the first automated lawn service in America and though many have followed we’re still the best value.  We believe in the “complete approach” to lawn care, meaning that from the beginning, we have included all the materials that your lawn needs throughout its growing season in one program for one price. (click here for our Greenskeeper Program)

Before service
Before beginning service
After 1 year
After 1 year of Lawn-A-Mat care











As you undoubtedly do, we also have high expectations for your lawn.  Experience has
proven that we can be comfortable with these high expectations when your lawn is being treated by Lawn-A-Mat.  We cannot do it alone though.  Although some of our customers refer to us as miracle workers, there really are no miracles in lawn care.  Every lawn is unique.  Progress rates and results do vary.  The key to success is realizing that lawn care involves a working partnership between you the customer and us the professionals.  We must realize that Mother Nature has her own agenda and rarely cooperates.  Sometimes extra effort on our part and extra patience on yours is necessary.  You can be assured that when problems arise, professional responsiveness and expertise are just a phone call away.  We promise to be there when you need us.

Greenskeeper Lawn Care Program
With Lawn-A-Mat’s Greenskeeper Lawn Care Program your can expect a beautiful, healthy green lawn


The Bottom Line
Simply stated,  with Lawn-A-Mat the bottom line is results, value and safety.  With our
Greenskeeper program and our personal dedication to excellence, you can be confident in our ability to provide you with a lawn that lives up to its potential. While we have thousands of lawns that make us proud, you have only one.  Your one lawn is just as important to us as all our others.  Together we can make your lawn one to be proud of too.
We talk much of value but we realize that value is relative to what your expectations are
for your lawn.  We pride ourselves in offering you what we consider to be the best value in the industry and if your goal is to have the healthiest, greenest, most weed free lawn possible, then we think you will consider it so also.
Above all else, at Lawn-A-Mat we are concerned about private and public safety.  For this reason, it is our policy to apply pesticides only when and where necessary.  By following our important lawn care recommendations here regarding cutting and watering you can help reduce pesticide usage on your lawn.


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As always, please call us with any questions you have, at (866) 950-LAWN (5296).

Lawn-A-Mat, solving lawn problems since 1961