Insect Control for Tick and Flea Reduction

While ticks and fleas do not damage lawns or landscapes, they hurt people and pets.  They can cause serious skin irritation and transmit dangerous diseases.  For this reason, we use insect control as an optional service to help reduce their populations in your lawn.  This requires multiple applications of surface insect control as well as educating the homeowner on cultural and behavioral practices that can help aid tick and flea reduction in homeowner lawns.

Tick and Flea Reduction

Our tick and flea reduction is an affordable addition to our Greenskeeper program and is well worth the investment to protect your family and pets!

Fleas in the lawn can easily move inside on pets or humans.  Ticks are also problematic since they can carry Lyme Disease or even Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  Lawn-A-Mat can help protect your family by reducing these harmful pests with treatments in the late Spring and late Summer.  This tick and fleas reduction service can, however, be performed any time the need arises!  For serious tick and flea infestations, we can suggest other tick and flea reduction strategies.

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