The Lawn-A-Mat Difference is all about value!

Despite what national lawn care companies would like you to believe, all lawn care companies ARE NOT THE SAME!

April Lawn Care News
See the difference that our pre-emergent crabgrass control can make!
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   The Lawn-A-Mat difference
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It’s not just that we were the first automated lawn care company in America, we really do have the best value in the industry.  And, we are ready to prove it!

These are just some of the things that set us apart from our competitors and give your the Lawn-A-Mat difference:

  • Truthful estimates – we will never send just a hired sales person to your home who will promise you everything just to get a commission.  We give you all the information you need as a consumer to make an educated choice…we say what we do!
  • Honest applications – let’s face it, our industry has a bad reputation because too many of our competitors send, inexperienced, uncaring employees out to your house who think nothing of skimping on materials.  We will never send an unqualified kid to do your service.  Our technicians are mature and experienced and we the owners often do your service.  Also, you can rely on consistent care as the same few technicians work on your lawn each service, year after year.  In essence, we do what we say!
  • Local company – we are locally owned and operated.  Your call never reaches a call center…you speak directly to us!
  • Great results – while results do vary depending on the specific conditions, you can count on our dedication to excellence to bring your lawn to its full potential in as short a time a possible.  We use only the finest quality fertilizers and seed varieties…you will see the Lawn-A-Mat difference!
  • The most complete lawn care program in the industry – we already include products and services that other companies charge a premium for, such as:
  1. a second pre-emergent crabgrass application to insure season long control
  2. grub control for season long damage prevention
  3. chinch bug control for protection against these unwanted pests
  4. winterizing limestone to condition the soil and adjust pH


The Lawn-A-Mat Difference
You see The Lawn-A-Mat Difference!



Lawn-A-Mat is personal and flexible. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service.



Please call us today to experience the Lawn-A-Mat difference!