The knowledge and expertise of your lawn care provider is a critical factor in any lawn care company’s efforts to care for your lawn.  Lawn-A-mat is now in its 6th decade and was America’s first automated lawn care company, founded in 1961.  You can count on us to have the right lawn care information!

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Lawn care is both art and science

It takes many, many years to develop the instincts needed to balance the art and the science of lawn care.  Having grown up in the green industry, I have been watching, listening to and working with lawn care issues my whole life.  Lawn care is part of who I am and it is time to share the resulting lawn care information.

The following articles present an ever expanding library.  of lawn care information gathered from my office, education and field experience over the last 40 years  I hope you find them helpful – Rich Hillmann, your Lawn-A-Mat Man.

Lawn Care Information Articles by Category

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Lawn-A-Mat has the answers!


About lawn-A-Mat

The Lawn-A-Mat Approach to lawn Care…Value!

The Lawn-A-Mat Approach to lawn Care…Value!

Lawn-A-Mat Benefits of Lawn Care

How to Choose Qualified Lawn Care Companies

The History of Lawn-A-Mat


Lawn Care Basics

Lawn Care Consistency

Common Lawn Care Questions and Answers

Important Lawn Care Guidelines

Mowing Basics for Homeowners

Watering Basics for Homeowner Lawns

Watering Your Lawn

Lawn Disease or Fungus

Does Organic Lawn Care Work?

Spring Clean Ups – Do’s and Don’ts

Thatching…When Should My Lawn Be Thatched?

Aeration…the “Hole” story

Summer Lawn Care Checklist

Winter Lawn Care is Important


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Fertilizer for Lawn Care

Spring Fertilizer for Lawn Care


Understanding Weeds and Controls

Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control

Crabgrass Control 101

Seed Heads Are NOT Weeds!

Landscaping Company – Lawn Care for Weed Control

Tree Seedlings and Lawn Care

Landscaping Company 5 Tips to Prevent Weeds


Insect Control for Lawn Insects

Lawn Insects that Do Not Damage Lawns


Seeding Basics, the Lawn-A-Mat Approach

When is the Best Time for Grass seed?


Moss in turf grass lawns

Lawn Mushrooms and Lawn Care

Soil pH and Lawn Care

New lawn care caring for new lawns

Shade…The #1 Lawn Care Problem

Lawn Care renovations

Snow mold – Why do I have Grey and pink Spots on My Lawn?

Lawn Damage, Pictures and Causes

Landscaping Company Common Problems with Grass

Lawn Care Company Seasonal

Lawn Care Preparation

Lawn Care Company Secrets to a Greener Lawn

Vacation and Lawn Care

Read this to understand the benefits of a healthy lawn.