All lawns can benefit from occasional repairs from time to time, and Spike Seeding is a great way to do it.  With this service, we’ll use a spike machine to perforate the soil with holes about ¼ inch wide and 1/2 inch long across your whole lawn.  This will let moisture, nutrients and oxygen reach your turf’s roots more easily.  Next, we’ll spread seed evenly over your lawn. The holes left behind by the aerator will catch the seeds and provide better seed-to-soil contact, resulting in improved germination rates and more successful growth of new grass plants.  We usually follow Fall SPike Seeding with a starter blend of fertilizer for maximum results.

Why Fall Spike Seeding?
Overseed lawn after 10 days
spike aeration
Spike aeration holes in moist soil
spike seed results
Spike seeded lawn after 10 days
spike seed results
Close up after 6 weeks


While seeding can be done at any time, we prefer the Fall due to the onset of cooler weather and the seedlings ability to be mature before the stresses of the following Summer.  Spring seeding is complicated by the inability to adequately control crab grass (don’t be fooled by other’s claims that you can have good seed germination and good crab grass control at the same time!) and the oncoming heat and humidity of the Summer season.

Why Spike Seeding?

The holes that our Lawn-A-Mat spikers create are perfect for seeding, without doing damage and leaving core clumps everywhere.  The main “point” to spiking is to pierce the thatch layer, making soil contact for the seed.  Spiking is the perfect compliment to our Greenskeeper program.  We have been using this same technology for over 50 years because it works!

Spike seeding vs over seedingin Warwick, NY during application #5
Lawn-A-Mat’s patented Spike Seeder







Why not Core Aeration ?

We also offer core aeration.  It is best performed in the very early Spring or in the Late Fall.  Core aeration is a great tool for allowing air, nutrients and water to penetrate deeply into the soil.  It is also good for relieving soil compaction.  However, please be aware that, in most cases, core aeration is not the best practice when seeding because the holes are too deep for the seed to grow from.  Once seed falls down into a 3 or 4 inch hole, it is essentially lost to your lawn.  If the core aeration machine is set to a shallow depth like 1 inch, then the seed has a better chance to grow.  Unfortunately,  the majority of the landscape industry just does not have the experience or education to make such adjustments.  Core aeration has been paired with seeding on millions of lawns across America with little germination potential.


Lawn-A-Mat’s Fall Spike Seeding for the Best Lawn in Town!