Allow us to introduce ourselves…
Thank you for choosing Lawn-A-Mat for your local lawn care needs.  We will provide your lawn with the most complete program in the industry.  Our fertilizers are high quality, slow release, professional grade products.  The insect controls we use are timed perfectly to protect your lawn from damage and we offer tick and flea reduction for your family’s protection as well.  Our weed controls will slowly but surely reduce the weed population in your lawn to an acceptable level.  As America’s first automated lawn care company, you can count on our more than 50 years of experience to have the knowledge and expertise to work with you to solve all the challenges that your lawn faces.

the best lawn for Mahwah NJ lawn care
A beautiful lawn in Mahwah NJ

Our new OrganaLawn program…
We have been looking for years to find a cost effective organic-based alternative to traditional lawn care and we have finally found it!   Our OrganaLawn program uses state of the art technology to help reduce the need for pesticides while acctually improving the microbial life of the soil.  It works replacing some of our traditional synthetic fertilizers with Holganix 100% bio-nutritional Meta-Catalysts which create an improved soil microbiology.  This gives the grass a healthier environment in which to grow, fostering deeper roots and better resistance to weeds and insects.  As a result, we can eventually reduce the pesticedes and synthetic fertilizers needed to care for your lawn!  By combining Holganix technology with our Greenskeeper program, which has been proven on over 2 million lawns over the past 50 years, we are confident that you will find us to be the best value in the industry.  Please let us know if you are interested.

Our new Moisture Manager

With our new Moisture Manager option, minimizing drought-related lawn stress and keeping your grass greener longer is a reality!  Drought stress is a year-long problem and not simply tied to warmer months. Applying more water is often not the answer, and is even becoming illegal in many parts of the state during restrictions.  Moisture Manager is a one time application which will adsorb the available moisture and meter it out to your lawn when it is needed, reducing your watering needs by up to 50%!  For more information…LAM_MoistureManager

Important New Customer Information…

We prepared the following list of new customer information to help answer some of the common questions that new customers have.  Whether you are new to lawn care or just new to Lawn-A-Mat, knowing this new customer information will be helpful to achieving the results you want and to begin to understand both the science and art of lawn care.  A complete list of frequently asked questions can be found under “FAQ’s” in our website header.  Further, the most important resource for any lawn owner is our Important Lawn Care Guidelines.

Once again, thank you for your business and always feel free to give us a call!
-Your Lawn-A-Mat Team.

*Please cut your lawn at 3″ or higher*
*Lawns may be cut the day after service*
Never cutting below 3” is the number one, most important thing that a homeowner can do to help maintain a healthy lawn. There is a direct correlation between top growth and root depth. Turf grass needs deep roots to be its healthiest. Shallow roots make the grass plant vulnerable to disease, insect and drought damage. Even trimming and edging below 3 inches can cause burning and weeds. You’ve invested heavily in your lawn and you want it to look good so please mow your turf grass properly – never cut lower than 3”.  The materials we use are a heavy granular that settle into the thatch layer quickly and will not be sucked up by lawn mowers after sitting over night.  If the clippings are not being removed, mowing can be done at any time.

*You should water when…*
…your lawn needs it.
For the most part, the granular materials we us do not need to be watered manually
to be effective in that they are slow release products which will break down over time with normal levels of natural moisture.  Rain, showers and even dew are usually enough to ensure effectiveness.  There are times, however, when materials will need watering such as during unusual dryness.  Seed also is different in that it needs to be kept moist in order for it to germinate.  Read our entire article on watering for more information.  Please always follow our seasonal recommendations and the instructions printed on your service invoice.

Q: Should my lawn be seeded in the Spring?
A: Some lawns need seed in the Spring but most established lawns do not. New, damaged or heavily shaded lawns may benefit from Spring seeding.  Unfortunately, the pre-emergent weed controls normally applied in the Spring will stop grass seed germination as well.  Therefore, lawns seeded in the Spring will have more weeds and crabgrass.  These then must be tolerated because the new grass seedlings will be too
immature for a while to withstand spraying. New seedlings are also often too immature to survive Summer heat and dryness as well.  Lawns weakened over the Winter will usually thicken-up naturally in the Spring, without seeding, with proper care.

Q: How long will it take for my lawn to improve?
A: You will notice an improvement in your lawn’s condition within just the first few applications.  However, progress rates do vary depending on many factors (original condition, weather, soil type, etc.).  Generally, you can expect a gradual but steady improvement over a 2 year period. We all know that mother nature has her own timetable and because our new OrganaLawn program works even closer with nature, results may be slower with it at first.

*Weed control takes time*
Although weeds germinate every day, the goal is to gradually but surely eliminate most weeds. The weed seeds are both in the soil and transported by wind and animals.  After germination they can be controlled by spraying, but they must first be present for us to spray them.  Weeds that grow in between services are sprayed during the next service
which may be a few weeks away. In addition, some hardier weeds take 2 services to control.   New lawns may even seem weedier after the first application.  This is normal because the fertilizer feeds the weeds along with the grass.  As your lawn strengthens and we gradually reduce the weed population, you will see steady improvement after the first 2 or 3 services.

*Lawn-A-Mat service continues from year to year*
Because the state of New Jersey does not require annual contracts, your service will continue until you contact us.  Please just give us a call if you need to interrupt service for any reason.  If we do not hear from you, we will resume service on your lawn each year.  In New York, annual contracts are required.  Therefore, please return your contracts each Spring by March 1,  so we can continue to service your lawn as you have requested to do.

Q: Does pre-emergent in the Spring prevent weeds?
A: Yes and no.  It cuts down on the number of grassy weeds such as crabgrass. Unfortunately, broad leaf weeds and dandelions cannot be prevented.  They need to be sprayed every time we are there as they germinate every day.  While the pre-emergent helps reduce crabgrass, unless your lawn is of sod quality some crabgrass should be expected every year but at a much reduced rate.

*You may not see much fertilizer, don’t be alarmed*
Fertilizers have changed quite a bit over the last 20 years.  They used to be larger particles which were bright colors like yellow and orange.  Now the particle size is much smaller and darker in color.  In fact, about 80% of the product we apply on your yard is grey or brown and blends in perfectly with the dirt.  Unless you get down on your hands and knees and really stick your face to the ground you are not likely to see it at all. Environmental awareness has change a lot.  With greater responsibility, increased costs and out of legal necessity, we now try to avoid getting material anywhere but on the grass. If we do, we often blow it back.  There are people who look for fertilizer and people who do not.  If you look for it, you will usually be disappointed despite the fact that we apply the right amounts every time.  Think of it this way: the fertilizer is there to feed the grass not so you can feel good seeing it.

*Please stay off the treated areas for 24 hours after service*
State requirements demand that you keep animals and people off of the treated areas for 24 hours and that the signs be removed no sooner than 72 hours.   By hiring our service you have accepted responsibility of removing the signs and we thank you for your help.

Q: How does the OrganaLawn program differ from the Greenskeeper program?
A:  With our OrganaLawn program we are striving to reduce the synthetic nitrogen and the pesticides that need to be used on your lawn.  This is eventually possible because of the introduction of new Biological Meta-Catalyst technology by Holganix.  These are soil amendments or additives that introduces and/or promotes microbiological activity in and around soil and plants.  They may promote more efficient use of nutrients by plants; used in plant fertility programs to significantly reduce the amount of supplemental nutrients needed to produce optimal color, root development, and plant health.  They may also contribute to a more robust ecosystem in and around soil and plants, adding to overall plant health, which often reduces the amount of pesticides needed to obtain satisfactory suppression of weeds, insects, and disease.  While this is very promising technology, results may vary and may take a little longer than with our traditional Greenskeeper program.

*Contacting us*
We hope that you have found this new customer information helpful.  If you have any additional questions, please give us a call at any of our regional offices below.  We will be happy to hear from you!

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