Many Companies issue assurances on their services.  Unfortunately, they rarely back them up in reality.  We are different.  We are the first automated lawn care company in America and we honestly feel that we are still the best value.  So, here goes the Lawn-A-Mat Guarantee:

The Lawn-A-Mat Guarantee

 We all know that when working with Mother Nature, that there are no guarantees when it comes to results.  There are simply too many variables.  We also understand that value is a relative term.  So, we guarantee to match any legitimate competitor’s legitimate price using comparable products, when comparing total annual costs for the same program specifics with the same measured dimensions.  But, most of all, we guarantee that we will say what we do AND do what we say!
You can count on us not just for our history and experience but for our integrity too!
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We raise the bar on lawn care