In addition to the lawn care provided by our Greenskeeper Program, we offer the following optional lawn care services. These are designed with the needs of your lawn and your family in mind.

We strive to be the best value in the lawn care industry and we believe that the value of these optional lawn care services can’t be beat.  Please give us a call at any of our regional offices below if you would like more information or if you would like to schedule an optional lawn care service.

Before Lawn-A-Mat lawn care
Before Lawn-A-Mat lawn care


With Lawn-A-Mat’s optional lawn care services such as Fall Spike Seeding, your lawn can go from the lawn on the left to the one on the right in just 2 seasons!


After Lawn-A-Mat lawn care
After Lawn-A-Mat lawn care

Lawn-A-Mat Optional Lawn Care Services

Tick and Flea Reduction as an Optional Lawn Care Service

Lawn-A-Mat has been providing tick and flea reduction within our optional lawn care services for years now and it has never been more popular.  Over 300 of our customers have seen the benefits of reducing these unwanted pests.  Tick and flea reduction is accomplished by using surface insecticide at critical times during the insects’ life cycles.  It had been so popular, in fact, that many of our customers have requested that we include a third application.  In response, we now apply tick and flea control during Applications #2, #3 and #4 for those customers who have requested it.

Spike Seeding as Optional Lawn Care Services

Some lawns need extra help to live up to their potential.  Sometimes it is due to too much shade or too much foot traffic.  Other times lawns need help due to poor soil conditions or they have suffered damage from a host of stresses like drought or heat.  Regardless of the reason, our optional Spike Seeding service is often the best of the optional lawn care services, and a most affordable way to give your lawn the boost it needs to be the envy of the neighborhood.  Our patented spike seeders are walk behind machines that make thousands of small perforations through the thatch layer to the soil.  We then follow up the spiking with the highest quality certified seed.  We tailor the exact seed blend to meet the requirements of your individual lawn.  When performed during Application #5, Spike Seeding gives your lawn a thicker, carpet-like feel.  The Spiking process and this attention to seed customization ensures the best possible germination for your lawn.

Core Aeration as Optional Lawn Care Services

Core Aeration is beneficial for almost every lawn periodically and is one of the most popular optional lawn care services.  Some lawns require core aeration yearly, like in the case of thick sod lawns, while others need core aeration only every 4 or 5 years.  The differences in lawn conditions (soil profile, slope, shade, nutrients, grass varieties, moisture, traffic, etc.) will determine if your lawn needs to be core aerated.  You can rely on Lawn-A-Mat for all the professional advise that you need.  Generally, the best times of the year for core aeration are either in the very early Spring or later in the Fall.  Aerating during the Spring or Summer (main part of the growing season) can open the lawn up to weed infestations, heat damage and can disturb the pre-emergent crabgrass control barrier.  Also, please be aware that, in most cases, core aeration is not the best practice when seeding because the holes are too deep for the seed to grow up from.  Once seed falls down into a 3 or 4 inch hole, it is essentially lost to your lawn.  If the core aeration machine is set to a shallow depth, like 1 inch, then the seed has a better chance to germinate and survive but the other benefits of core aeration, as mentioned above, will be lessened. Read this article on how to choose between core aeration or spike seeding.

OrganaLawn – Organic-hybrid lawn care program

For many years we have been looking for an organic approach that really works and is cost effective for our customers…and…


OrganaLawn in an organic-hybrid option for our Greenskeeper lawn care program and can be added on at any time of the year.  It uses state of the art meta-catalyst technology that enables turfgrass to more efficiently take up and metabolize beneficial nutrients and pesticides.  Because healthy plants are more able to resist disease and insect damage, using OrganaLawn materials can result in a decrease in the use of herbicides and pesticides.  Over time, significantly lower quantities of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides will needed to obtain the results previously only available through the use of traditional products.  In addition, the fertilizers used are 100% bio-nutritional and replace synthetic fertilizers. Are you ready for the best part?  Within a short amount of time, OrganaLawn can reduce pesticide usage on your lawn by as much as 50%!!!

Moisture Manager – Fighting Drought and Water Restrictions

Most of the water that you put on your lawn is lost to evaporation.  Lawn-A-Mat’s Moisture Manager treats your grass and soil to capture moisture vapor, converting it back to liquid water and passing it on to your lawns’ roots when it needs it most…during the hot, dry Summer!  Moisture Manager is scientifically proven to reduce the watering requirements of turf grass up to 50%, saving you money and helping you have a green lawn longer into the drought.  For more information visit:


Now these are exciting optional lawn care services!


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