What is Core Aeration?

Core aeration is a mechanical process whereby a machine with hollow tines removes plugs or “cores” of soil and thatch buildup from a lawn. Core aeration reduces compaction of soil, creating a channel through which oxygen, water and nutrients can penetrate into the root zone.  This greatly enhances the turfgrass roots ability to strengthen and spread horizontally, leading to a healthier and better looking lawn.

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When does a lawn need Core Aeration?

Core Aeration is beneficial for almost every lawn periodically.  Some lawns require core aeration yearly, while others need core aeration only every 4 or 5 years.  Because every lawn is different when it comes to soil profile, slope, shade, nutrients, grass varieties, moisture, traffic, etc. you can rely on Lawn-A-Mat for professional advise.  Generally, the best times of the year for core aeration are either in the very early Spring or later in the Fall.  Aerating during the main part of the growing season can open the lawn up to weed infestations and heat damage.  Also, please be aware that, in most cases, core aeration is not the best practice when seeding because the holes are too deep for the seed to grow from.  Once seed falls down into a 3 or 4 inch hole, it is essentially lost to your lawn.  If the core aeration machine is set to a shallow depth like 1 inch, then the seed has a better chance to grow.  Unfortunately,  the majority of the landscape industry just does not have the experience or education to make such adjustments.  Core aeration has been paired with seeding on millions of lawns across America with little germination potential.

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What should be done with the cores that are removed?

In almost every case, the cores should be left on the lawn to slowly disintegrate.  While they may be unsightly at first, their decomposition will be very helpful to the lawn.  Within a few months, they will completely break down.

How do I order core aeration?

To request core aeration, simply give our office a call and we will schedule the core aeration for you.  Our regional offices are below: