Now you can cut your watering by as much as 50%!

and still have a green lawn despite the drought!


With our new Moisture manager as an optional service, you really can have your cake and eat it too.  Moisture Manager is a professional root zone moisture management material that captures the available liquid once watered in or rained on and then slowly makes that liquid available to your lawn’s root system as it is needed for up to 90 days.

Most of the water that your put on your lawn is lost to evaporation or run off.  The Moisture Manager material treats your turf grass and soil to capture moisture vapor, converting it back to liquid water and passing it on to your lawn’s roots.

moisture manager works

Moisture Manager is scientifically proven to reduce the watering requirements
of plants up to 50% under normal conditions


All you need to do is make sure that it is either watered in once or rained on once after application.  For more information please visit:

Please call us today to add Moisture Manager to your lawn care program.