OrganaLawn is finally here!

Up to 50% Reduction in Pesticides without sacrificing the results you want!


OrganaLawn is Lawn-A-Mat‘s first organic-hybrid lawn care program.  It has been designed over the course of the last 5 years.  OrganaLawn uses state of the art encapsulation technology to incorporate 100% bio-nutritional fertilizers and living microbial life into our Greenskeeper lawn care program.

We are thrilled to offer OrganaLawn as an affordable option to our customers who are seeking a healthier lawn and a healthier environment!

OrganaLawn results
Grass roots with OrganaLawn
OrganaLawn results
Without and with OrganaLawn

How does OrganaLawn work?

OrganaLawn employes materials from Holganix which function as Biological Meta-Catalysts, also know as bio-stimulants, by enabling plants to more efficiently uptake beneficial nutrients and pesticides.  Because healthy plants are more able to resist disease and insect damage, using Holganix can result in:

  • Decreases over time in the use of herbicides and pesticides
  • Significantly lower quantities of chemical fertilizers.
  • Best of all: fewer nitrates, phosphates, and other chemicals are released into the world we all love!
  • Generally comparable results to traditional synthetic fertilizer programs!  

OrganaLawn is a more natural way to get thick, green, healthy turf while reducing the use of traditional synthetic fertilizers by as much as 50%.  Instead of chemicals, it uses natural microorganisms that turn a small amount of fertilizer into the most effective turf nutrients your lawn has ever seen.  With OrganaLawn, you can reduce your environmental footprint … and get great results.  Now that’s terrific!

Pirate field with Holganix


How will my program change if i switch to OrganaLawn?

There are three important ways that OrganaLawn will change your Greenskeeper program:

  1. We will substitute some of our traditional fertilizers with Holganix materials to begin the beneficial changes in the soil and turfgrass right away.  They will begin to develop deeper roots and healthier turfgrass.
  2. Gradually, there will be a decrease in the need for pesticides due to the increase in soil and turfgrass vitality.  Over the next few seasons, we may even reduce our pesticide usage by as much as 50% or more
  3. There is generally, a 10% increase in the cost of our program when we incorporate Holganix materials.  But, you will find the environmental and safety benefits surely worth it.


OrganaLawn is a big step in the right direction…it improves soil vitality while reducing our environmental footprint!

OrganaLawn..bringing your soil back to life by bringing life to your soil!

OrganaLawn is proudly brought to you by Lawn-A-Mat, your hometown local lawn care company.